Gunpowder Gertie

Dolphin Dolly is swimming the oceans,
when one day…

DOLLY: My name is Dolphin Dolly. They captured
me to do tricks in the dolfinariums of the world. Man’s
world because well as you can see I’m a dolphin
and my
world in the water is so different from yours on land.

But luckily for me there was an accident with the ship that caught me
and I managed to escape. But by that time I was already taken so far
away from my family and so sad I’ve been looking for them ever since
not even knowing myself in what place of the ocean I am swimming
right now. Or even in what ocean because as you may know there are
7 oceans on this planet. But I’ve got good hope I will find them one day.
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Dave & Terry Say YING

DAVE dressed up like Marco Polo for their journey
to the East.
TERRY is dressed Oscar Wilde style,
the 19th century english dandy.

DAVE: Come on! We’re going, off walking to the EAST

TERRY: Dave old’ chap, can’t you see I am having my
tea right now, we go but – later

DAVE: You can have all the tea yo want when we are
in China, let’s go!!

TERRY: You got the tickets and all that stuff? Plain train
boat ship? You’re not getting on one of these without a ticket
– and dressed like that

DAVE: No problem, I just show them who I am (shows back
of his T-shirt which says Marco Polo
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Dave & Terry Say YO

Zoom in from space to a far way small island
in the middle of the Great Ocean where we see
Dave & Terry at the beach – quarreling

T: It’s all your fault

D: I know, that’s why I’m here for,
to get you in trouble, big big trouble

T: Yeah exactly, like landing me on a deserted island
1000 of miles away from any civilisation

D: Come on, you never added anything to civilization,
they will continue civilizing better without you probably
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Dave & Terry Say YANG

Dave & Terry are lying in their hammocks. Lazy.
Nearby a gamelan orchestra is playing
gamelan music.

T: I’ve tried to understand these gamelans ever
since we came here, Dave. Cant make it logic.

D: You can’t make logic with nothing so lay
back in your hammock and enjoy your “sapi”

T: Did you know the name of this drink, this sapi,
comes from the dutch language?
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Campfire Song

It is night on the prairie. There’s a campfire and a
small group of cowboys is having their meals and
drinks under a starry night. One of them has a
guitar and starts singing this campfire song.
Takes whole scene. Scary silhouettes (demons?)
can be seen now and then in the dark…

Remember Dad’s campfire looking at those flames
leaping and crackling I think I saw a demons face
and a lonely wolf starts howling
and brings shivers down my spine
you cuddle close to daddy and everything seems fine [Read more…]