Dave & Terry Say OUT

The scene is Ground Control Centre of NASA.
It seems there are some problems with Major
Terry who is in space, but somehow he got
disconnected from his space station and now
seems  to be floating away, into space…

MAN 2: Space coming in!

TERRY: (voice from space)
This is Major Terry to Ground Control

What the fuck is going on down there ?
Do you guys really funkin’ care ?
‘Cause at a large flame ball I do now stare
Am I going towards the fuckin sun ?
Or are you guys just having some fun ?

DAVE: Guys, it’s Appolo 13 again, Mayor Terry

MAN 2: O o, that means trouble one more time….

DAVE: Hey Ter, all cool, dude? Gone rhymin’, euh? We’re getting
some great pictures, really enjoying your spacetrip down here.
Ha, There’s another round of Vino Del Italia. Gimme that bottle.

TERRY: (voice from voice) Somebody – please get serious … 

DAVE: Na, come on! You’re the one having all the real fun up there,
poetry man, my hero!

Noises in background of spaceship breaking down. 

TERRY: (voice from voice) Somebody – please
please please get serious … 

DAVE: Wow! There goes another I don’t know what,
you’re falling apart, Ter
– tell Laura you love her

MAN 2: You’re in the history books already.
Now ain’t that just GREAT!

More noises of things falling apart in space.

TERRY: (voice from voice) Get fuckin’ serious,
you fools! 

DAVE: Hey Ter, still there, my great great great man!
My hero.
Let’s sing you a song!

MAN 2: Everybody! Let’s sing it to Major Terry!

DAVE: Here’s to you from Ground Control…

Follows singing from control rooms Ground Control

Hi Ho Appolo thirtheen
Long time no hear
Long time no seen
Hi Ho Appolo thirtheen
Where out of this world
have you been?

End song. Cheers, applause…

MAN 2: Nice singing y’all! Back to work again!

DAVE: Hey Ter, still there, buddy? 

MAN 2: No response, Dave, just space noise…

Space noise only…

DAVE: Nah, gone smokin’ outside, I guess…

Fade out with song FLOATING IN SPACE
End Stories of the MOON.