Devil Moon

Scene follows the lyric of the song. With the singer and his guitar
stepping out into the street. The place looks scary, the setting of
a horror movie, it’s the dark of night. He is seen walking the streets
singing, in the open fields dancing like someone possesed and
singing and cursing the moon.

SINGER: (making ready to go out)
Sitting in my room looking at the blood red moon
Not knowing what it means pulling on my jeans
Getting ready to go out not knowing what this day is about

SINGER: (cursing the moon)
Devil moon Devil red
Survival till the end
Devil moon Devil moon
Come to the earth and consume
Devil moon devil

SINGER: (walking the streets of an empty town)
Out in the town not a soul around
I don’t understand what this is all about
Out in the town, empty town
Devil moon…

SINGER: (scared and looking behind him all the time)
Forgive me for my sins
but the reign of terror shall begin
I am blind and can to see
what’s coming up behind me
Walking in the streets alone
never feeling I m at home

Scene ends with singer walking into the distance
on a dark and lonely road… Perhaps do a final scary
face jumping on the screen at the end?