Dave & Terry Say YING

DAVE dressed up like Marco Polo for their journey
to the East.
TERRY is dressed Oscar Wilde style,
the 19th century english dandy.

DAVE:┬áCome on! We’re going, off walking to the EAST

TERRY:┬áDave old’ chap, can’t you see I am having my
tea right now, we go but – later

DAVE: You can have all the tea yo want when we are
in China, let’s go!!

TERRY: You got the tickets and all that stuff? Plain train
boat ship? You’re not getting on one of these without a ticket
– and dressed like that

DAVE: No problem, I just show them who I am (shows back
of his T-shirt which says Marco Polo
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Dave & Terry Say YANG

Dave & Terry are lying in their hammocks. Lazy.
Nearby a gamelan orchestra is playing
gamelan music.

T: I’ve tried to understand these gamelans ever
since we came here, Dave. Cant make it logic.

D: You can’t make logic with nothing so lay
back in your hammock and enjoy your “sapi”

T: Did you know the name of this drink, this sapi,
comes from the dutch language?
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