Floating In Space

Just music clip idea for now: Astronaut
floating in space, happy and as far as
possible in his spacesuit, dancing. Lots
of impressions of the universe around him.
Bigband musicians float by now and then
but they are not human, they are aliens…

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It’s Another Moon Above

The singer of very emotional and dramatic latin
songs is lying on the sofa at the shrink’s. He seems
to have psychological problems about the moon.
Let’s hope his shrink can help this poor man…

SHRINK: So… what it is your problem?

SINGER: I’m trying to fall out of love but
it only gets worse these feelings, it’s terrible

SHRINK: Would you describe it as torture already?

SINGER: Perhaps. Can’t sleep anymore,
no taste for nice food any more.
Must say though, drinks are great
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Devil Moon

Scene follows the lyric of the song. With the singer and his guitar
stepping out into the street. The place looks scary, the setting of
a horror movie, it’s the dark of night. He is seen walking the streets
singing, in the open fields dancing like someone possesed and
singing and cursing the moon.

SINGER: (making ready to go out)
Sitting in my room looking at the blood red moon
Not knowing what it means pulling on my jeans
Getting ready to go out not knowing what this day is about [Read more…]

Dave & Terry Say OUT

The scene is Ground Control Centre of NASA.
It seems there are some problems with Major
Terry who is in space, but somehow he got
disconnected from his space station and now
seems  to be floating away, into space…

MAN 2: Space coming in!

TERRY: (voice from space)
This is Major Terry to Ground Control

What the fuck is going on down there ?
Do you guys really funkin’ care ?
‘Cause at a large flame ball I do now stare
Am I going towards the fuckin sun ?
Or are you guys just having some fun ? [Read more…]