Dave & Terry Say YING

DAVE dressed up like Marco Polo for their journey
to the East.
TERRY is dressed Oscar Wilde style,
the 19th century english dandy.

DAVE: Come on! We’re going, off walking to the EAST

TERRY: Dave old’ chap, can’t you see I am having my
tea right now, we go but – later

DAVE: You can have all the tea yo want when we are
in China, let’s go!!

TERRY: You got the tickets and all that stuff? Plain train
boat ship? You’re not getting on one of these without a ticket
– and dressed like that

DAVE: No problem, I just show them who I am (shows back
of his T-shirt which says Marco Polo

TERRY: No one knows Marco Polo anymore, that won’t get you
on a plane for free, Dave idiot

DAVE: I change it to Djengis Khan then, got more of these t-shirt
ready, just in case

TERRY: I don’t know if I wanna go to the EAST with idiots like
you, I will end up in jail somewhere remote where no one will
ever find me again

DAVE: That could be yes. Let’s go! I will bring you

TERRY: Or end up as chrismas dinner for cannibals

DAVE: They don’t celebrate chrismas in the EAST,
they don’t have snow

TERRY: Or meet with big feet on the snowy mountains of the
Himalays, they got plenty of snow in the east, Dave idiots, only goes
to show you havent been perparing for this trip at all, it’s gonna
be a disaster

DAVE: Yes ofcourse, that’s why we have to go. Get your coat,
we have to hurry!

TERRY: You go yourself, send me a postcard. If they let you being
Djengis Kahn. Don’t you know the Chinese still have a death warrant
out for him?

DAVE: They have a death warrant for Oscar Wilde also, probably