Dave & Terry Say HO

Dave & Terry are on high seas. Wind
is blowing, waves are roaring.

Row row row that boat
row that boat a shore
drink drink drink that glass
another one, once more

TERRY: Any land yet, Dave?

DAVE: No Ter, no discovery so far

TERRY: Perhaps you should try to stand up
for a better view

DAVE: Perhaps YOU should stand up for better view…

TERRY: Why me. I’m rowing, you’re the navigator

DAVE: No use navigating in this sea. We are at her mercy
and can only hope for the best

TERRY: Perhaps there’s land behind that next
wave coming at us

DAVE: Or the next… Been hearing you sayin’
that for days now

TERRY: Take a look anyway, you’ll never know

DAVE: Try holding her steady some more…

Boat Noises, some screams, Dave falls into the water

TERRY: Poor fellow and now of course you want me
to help you out

DAVE: Gimme your hand, do something, I think there’s
an octopus at my leg.
There is – o well – something…

TERRY: With all this loot we got? I really have to
think about that, I could be a rich man not having to share it

DAVE: You gonna be food for fish if you don’t help me out.
Still got my knife and you will be on it once I’m in again

TERRY: Once you’re in again – what makes you think
I will let you?

DAVE: Because then I’ll knife this boat and we both
go down together.

Noises of Dave putting his knife in boat

DAVE: I’ll sink you, Terry bastard,

More noises Dave

TERRY: Get away from this boat, Davy fucker…

More noises Dave. Music sets in

DAVE: Terry bastard…

TERRY: Davy fucker…

Horn very large ship is heard.