Loco Weed

A Cowboy has rode into indian territory.
A sign at the roadside has told him so.
There’s a summer breeze blowing and
the grass is high on both sides of a wagon
trail for the horse to walk on. It’s complete
silence except for the wind blowing and
the horse walking.

Cowboy takes a pre-made roll it yourself
from his tabacco pouch and lights it. 

He reaches a valley and down below there are indians
dancing and celebrating. It’s wild party. The cowboy
takes out a a very long binaocular to see what’s
happening more up close.

“This is a warning. The song you are about to hear may
contain passages that might disturb some listeners and
we apologize. We like to stress that none of the names
were used to offend. We would also regret it if for some
reason the listener may think the song is historically
correct. It is not – we think. And last – but not least –
smoking may seriously damage your health. Enter the
song at your own risk.”

[NOTES CLIP: Scenes from the song LOCAL WEED
follow, even the buffalo hunting scene with indians
hunting them drunk or high and having great fun
riding their horses backward sitting, standing up
etcetera. The more crazy the scenes the better.]

After the song it’s back to the cowboy watching them
dancing and being crazy below in the valley. He puts back
his binocular and walks away again with his horse.

COWBOY: (talking to his horse) We better leave
them be, no concern to us boy, let’s go onwards

When he turns his horse he sees that there is an big
indian man blocking his way.


COWBOY: Howdy to you too – you speak any english, indian?

INDIAN: (in perfect english) It is  not the language I prefer
to communicate with but yes I do speak english, you speak indian?

COWBOY: No not really, in fact you’re the first indian I’ve ever
seen in my whole life

INDIAN: That life could be ended by the end of the day if you
continue tresspassing our territories

COWBOY: Ah come on, we don’t have to start off hostile like
enemies right away, I have no plans to do you any harm

INDIAN: That I understand, but perhaps we – indians –
would love to cause YOU harm

COWBOY: Nah you don’t mean that, you’re just saying it
to scare me

INDIAN: It’s a game we play yes, but now and then that
game needs real examples just to show our people it is a
very serious game – I might be ready to give one of such
examples today – with you. Nice hairdo you have, would
do great as a scalp

COWBOY: Come on, I mean no harm. Will you let me pass?
I’m going further west, no plans of staying here

INDIAN: OK, this time, white man, only this time

The indian man let’s him pass and cowboy and horse
disappear in the distance, going west again