Dave & Terry Say BYE

Scene is just Dave & Terry having a chat – like neighbours do some times – while Dave’s house is on fire. It was meant as the last track of the Stories of the WEST song series.

Not much action in this scene only 2 people having a neighbour to neighbour conversation while the kitchen of Dave’s house is on fire in the background, and a dog chasing chickens.

Dave & Terry Say HI

The great plains of North America. We’re zooming in
on a small village at the edge of a forest with only a
few houses. There are some people playing music and
one of them is dancing also, drunk. But it is mostly a
scene of poverty.

Camera finds 1 cabin in particular and inside this
cabin we see a very old man at a sick bed. In this
bed lies a younger man, his son, seemingly very ill and breathing
his last breath.

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Dave & Terry Say YING

DAVE dressed up like Marco Polo for their journey
to the East.
TERRY is dressed Oscar Wilde style,
the 19th century english dandy.

DAVE:┬áCome on! We’re going, off walking to the EAST

TERRY:┬áDave old’ chap, can’t you see I am having my
tea right now, we go but – later

DAVE: You can have all the tea yo want when we are
in China, let’s go!!

TERRY: You got the tickets and all that stuff? Plain train
boat ship? You’re not getting on one of these without a ticket
– and dressed like that

DAVE: No problem, I just show them who I am (shows back
of his T-shirt which says Marco Polo
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Dave & Terry Say YO

Zoom in from space to a far way small island
in the middle of the Great Ocean where we see
Dave & Terry at the beach – quarreling

T: It’s all your fault

D: I know, that’s why I’m here for,
to get you in trouble, big big trouble

T: Yeah exactly, like landing me on a deserted island
1000 of miles away from any civilisation

D: Come on, you never added anything to civilization,
they will continue civilizing better without you probably
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Dave & Terry Say HO

Dave & Terry are on high seas. Wind
is blowing, waves are roaring.

Row row row that boat
row that boat a shore
drink drink drink that glass
another one, once more

TERRY: Any land yet, Dave?

DAVE: No Ter, no discovery so far [Read more…]