Dave & Terry Say YO

Zoom in from space to a far way small island
in the middle of the Great Ocean where we see
Dave & Terry at the beach – quarreling

T: It’s all your fault

D: I know, that’s why I’m here for,
to get you in trouble, big big trouble

T: Yeah exactly, like landing me on a deserted island
1000 of miles away from any civilisation

D: Come on, you never added anything to civilization,
they will continue civilizing better without you probably

T: Who is ever gonna put sense in that thick head of yours!
Still making jokes of it while my whole life and future is now
gone. Gone forever, stuck on an island with you!!

D: Yeah I know, till death do us part! I only see 2 coconut
trees on this godforsaken lonely place. I suggest we take
1 each so we wont have problems which trees belongs to

T: Oh is that what you want now, euh! Look, I will draw a
line here and wait (gets some wood) here I will stick these
wood things here. The minute you cross this line you will
be shot!

D: Ha, you dont have nothing to shoot with!

T: I`ll fix a a bow and arrows, plenty of time now!

D: You do whatever you please, Terry fool, I go to the other
side of the island. Tthere’s probably a McDonald or something

T: Look, dont you realise we’re both in a terrible situation here?
Even if there was a McDonald at the other side you don’t have
anything to pay for your hamburger, we just got shipwrecked
and in a way we should be happy we did’nt drown. But please
please please get serious, we need to figure out what we gonna
do now, not make jokes about it

D: I’m not making jokes, I just said there could be a Mcdonald
over there, they all around the globe so why not here also

T: Look around you, it ‘s all water and sea and waves and more
water as far you can see. There cannot be a McDonald here
because they wouldnt have any customers. This is like..
like the end of the world

D: Come on, the world is round like a ball, there’s never no end
to something that is round

T: It’s crazy. On the other hand staying here will defenitely make
you crazy so why not – give in! – and be crazy right here right now.
I surrender and leave it all up to you

D: Now you talking sense – finally. Let’s go to the other side of
the island then. If there’s a McDonald¬† there’s probably also
a busstop for boats to take us home

T: Whatever you say…

D: Or a phoneboot where we can ring up a friend to come and
pick us up. They must be wondering where we are by now

T: Lead the way

D: No,¬† you lead the way, so I can watch what you’re up to

T: Why should I lead the way? You know where it is your McDonald

D: I didnt say that, I said perhaps it could be on the other side
that hill there…

They start walking to the other side of the island.
Zoom out to space again. End shot the blue planet
as seen from space