It’s Hard Being Horse

Cowboy and horse are on a dusty road. There are signs alongside the road. They just passed a sign saying 1910
and pass another sign saying 1900. The horse starts singing (yes, it’s a singing horse!) while passing these signs,
1890, 1880 etcetera, with funny shots of cowboy and horse.

Scene mainly follows the lyric of the song: eating and sleeping while standing up always, tied against a tree and looking at the moon sadly. They pass a sign that says 1870 and have to wait for the cavalry to pass.
The cavalry is a troop of all healthy and well-fed horses, big black proud stallions.

And onwards they go, into the sunset, while riding towards a small
little town in a valley where this dusty roads leads them. They pass
the road sign that says 1850 and ride into town. The cowboy leads
his horse to the saloon, ties it to a wooden rack and steps into the saloon. 

End of song with the horse still singing his song.