Dave & Terry Say HI

The great plains of North America. We’re zooming in
on a small village at the edge of a forest with only a
few houses. There are some people playing music and
one of them is dancing also, drunk. But it is mostly a
scene of poverty.

Camera finds 1 cabin in particular and inside this
cabin we see a very old man at a sick bed. In this
bed lies a younger man, his son, seemingly very ill and breathing
his last breath.

OLD MAN: Now son, do you want me to tell you another story?
Before God in his wisdom tells you to come join him?

SON: Yes please, dad, tell me

OLD MAN: What do you want me to tell you, son?

SON: Stories of the WEST, dad

OLD MAN: You like those, now do ya son?

SON: Yes dad, tell me Stories of the WEST one more time.
Like you did when I was small. Before God in his wisdom…

OLD MAN: … tells you to come join him. We all know how
much you are suffering, my young young wife, the people in
the village. They are barn dancing outside, can you hear?
But it won’t take long now, Iam sure. Tomorrow who knows
you will be among all those lovely and beautiful angels above,
singing whole day, celebrating eternity. Hey, you will have
wings! Now, that woud be something…

SON: Stories … of … the WEST, dad. Please,
it’s getting cold in here

OLD MAN: Okay son, stories of the WEST it is. Close your
eyes, picture yourself a house at the edge of some wood in
the far far west. It is a lovely day, sun is shining, birds tweeting.
You know, there’s a small lake nearby, the grass is high,
bees are humming. Nothing could be more perfect. Well,
except for the pace where you are going perhaps. Anyway,
out of the door of this house steps a man and he is carrying
a big big rifle

Camera now showes another cabin, but this time it is
a far more luxurous one, in a more pleasant surrounding,
and the sounds of nature are more happy ones with birds
tweeting, bees humming and cattle noises in the distance.

Hear Dave & Terry for rest of this scene