Gunpowder Gertie

Dolphin Dolly is swimming the oceans,
when one day…

DOLLY: My name is Dolphin Dolly. They captured
me to do tricks in the dolfinariums of the world. Man’s
world because well as you can see I’m a dolphin
and my
world in the water is so different from yours on land.

But luckily for me there was an accident with the ship that caught me
and I managed to escape. But by that time I was already taken so far
away from my family and so sad I’ve been looking for them ever since
not even knowing myself in what place of the ocean I am swimming
right now. Or even in what ocean because as you may know there are
7 oceans on this planet. But I’ve got good hope I will find them one day.

Wait! I hear singing. Sound travels a long way by water so it may still
be a long way off. Yes look there it is. It’s a ship!! I have to find out
what it is, life can be lonely and boring just swimming on your own
whole day – and ofcourse there might be more dolphins too who knows
they can tell me more 

Dolphin Dolly swims to the ship of Pirate Gunpowder Gertie who
is speaking to her man.

GUNPOWDER GERTIE: Man!! It’s been too quit last weeks. The
wind won’t give us storm and all ships to attack seem to be out of sight.
But they will return and then we will enter them again like we’ve done
so many times. But what worries me more: you also been not much in a
good pirate spirit last days. I haven’t heard any singing for weeks.
Where’s your heart? With the dreams in your head while you lay sleeping
doing nothing? Or with the sea, the ship and the loot it will give? Let me
hear you say Ay!!!


GUNPOWDER GERTIE: Louder! I cannot hear you!!

MEN: Ay!!

GUNPOWDER GERTIE: Who is your captain?

MEN: (yelling) Gunpowder Gertie!!!

GUNPOWDER GERTIE: That’s better. Come up, musicman and
bring your guitar. We need you to sing us my song again.

MUSIC MAN: Ay, cap! Wait! I get my strings

All singing Gunpowder Gertie’s song with Gertie herself looking
proud. Scene
ends with pirates celebrating, cheering and singing
and Dolphin Dolly doing
her happy jumps out of the water