Dave & Terry Say HI

The great plains of North America. We’re zooming in
on a small village at the edge of a forest with only a
few houses. There are some people playing music and
one of them is dancing also, drunk. But it is mostly a
scene of poverty.

Camera finds 1 cabin in particular and inside this
cabin we see a very old man at a sick bed. In this
bed lies a younger man, his son, seemingly very ill and breathing
his last breath.

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Donkey Named Fred

PICTURE THIS: The West 1800s, a farm somewhere remote.
Inside a cabin a very old man is having difficulties putting
on his socks. According to his accent he seems to be coming
from Ireland…

OLD MAN: Help me with my socks, my boots, my coat…

His son comes walking in…

SON: Yeah yeah… When dad calls, the son he starts running. [Read more…]

Devil Moon

Scene follows the lyric of the song. With the singer and his guitar
stepping out into the street. The place looks scary, the setting of
a horror movie, it’s the dark of night. He is seen walking the streets
singing, in the open fields dancing like someone possesed and
singing and cursing the moon.

SINGER: (making ready to go out)
Sitting in my room looking at the blood red moon
Not knowing what it means pulling on my jeans
Getting ready to go out not knowing what this day is about [Read more…]

Death Is Riding

It is the close of the evening and the sky is turning dark.
We see the inside of a cabin. There’s an old man holding
a cup of water for his son to drink

OLD MAN: Yeah, drink the water, it will do you good.
Not too greedy now, just a little sip for your thirst.

The old man takes out a bottle from his pocket and takes some sips himself

OLD MAN: Can’t see a man drinking without getting thirsty myself.

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It’s Hard Being Horse

Cowboy and horse are on a dusty road. There are signs alongside the road. They just passed a sign saying 1910
and pass another sign saying 1900. The horse starts singing (yes, it’s a singing horse!) while passing these signs,
1890, 1880 etcetera, with funny shots of cowboy and horse.

Scene mainly follows the lyric of the song: eating and sleeping while standing up always, tied against a tree and looking at the moon sadly. They pass a sign that says 1870 and have to wait for the cavalry to pass.
The cavalry is a troop of all healthy and well-fed horses, big black proud stallions.
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