Dave & Terry Say BOO


Sounds of heavy lightning

 Thats’ a spooky lightning, Dave

Sounds of thunder

DAVE: And a lot of thunder too! Hey I think there s’ a
cave or something, let’s hide it out

More sounds thunder, lighting and some rain.
Suddenly silence, they are inside the cave.

TERRY: Hey, it looks there is another cave or tunnel
over there, we got any light with us?

DAVE: I always carry a lighthouse with me, Il’l flash it on

TERRY: Hey look! Its’ a gate!

DAVE: Seems to be open also, no lock on it.

TERRY: Looks very inviting, Dave, we have to find out…

DAVE: Wait! It has an inscription above it

TERRY: I never bothered to learn any reading, what does it say?

– we don’t have any hope already no more, do we?

TERRY: Not me, so we can go in you think?

DAVE: I guess so, You cannot expect placing a gate in the middle
of nowhere and not anybody be curious to know what’s behind it,
Lets’ try!

Squeeking of iron gate

TERRY: But we better be carefull, it could be a trap, what if the
gate closes once we are in?

DAVE: Clever thinking, Ter! Lets’ put some stones so it
cannot close entirely.

TERRY: You go in, I fix some stones, I catch up…

DAVE: Why do I always have the feeling you wanna get rid of me?

TERRY: Nah, that must be in your head, Dave. Shine your lighthouse
behind the gate some more

DAVE: Wow, looks like a stairway…

TERRY: Yeah, but not into heaven, it goes down. Wait! I get the stones!

Sound cave collapsing…

VOICE: We cannot know what happened next, did Dave & Terry really
go down those stairs? Down to who knows the centre of the earth.
Some say they did, some say the thunder and lighting finally stopped
and they decided to move on, never to be seen again…