Gunpowder Gertie

Dolphin Dolly is swimming the oceans,
when one day…

DOLLY: My name is Dolphin Dolly. They captured
me to do tricks in the dolfinariums of the world. Man’s
world because well as you can see I’m a dolphin
and my
world in the water is so different from yours on land.

But luckily for me there was an accident with the ship that caught me
and I managed to escape. But by that time I was already taken so far
away from my family and so sad I’ve been looking for them ever since
not even knowing myself in what place of the ocean I am swimming
right now. Or even in what ocean because as you may know there are
7 oceans on this planet. But I’ve got good hope I will find them one day.
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Dave & Terry Say YO

Zoom in from space to a far way small island
in the middle of the Great Ocean where we see
Dave & Terry at the beach – quarreling

T: It’s all your fault

D: I know, that’s why I’m here for,
to get you in trouble, big big trouble

T: Yeah exactly, like landing me on a deserted island
1000 of miles away from any civilisation

D: Come on, you never added anything to civilization,
they will continue civilizing better without you probably
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Dave & Terry Say HO

Dave & Terry are on high seas. Wind
is blowing, waves are roaring.

Row row row that boat
row that boat a shore
drink drink drink that glass
another one, once more

TERRY: Any land yet, Dave?

DAVE: No Ter, no discovery so far [Read more…]