Dave & Terry Say BYE

Scene is just Dave & Terry having a chat – like neighbours do some times – while Dave’s house is on fire. It was meant as the last track of the Stories of the WEST song series.

Not much action in this scene only 2 people having a neighbour to neighbour conversation while the kitchen of Dave’s house is on fire in the background, and a dog chasing chickens.

Dave & Terry Say HI

The great plains of North America. We’re zooming in
on a small village at the edge of a forest with only a
few houses. There are some people playing music and
one of them is dancing also, drunk. But it is mostly a
scene of poverty.

Camera finds 1 cabin in particular and inside this
cabin we see a very old man at a sick bed. In this
bed lies a younger man, his son, seemingly very ill and breathing
his last breath.

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Donkey Named Fred

PICTURE THIS: The West 1800s, a farm somewhere remote.
Inside a cabin a very old man is having difficulties putting
on his socks. According to his accent he seems to be coming
from Ireland…

OLD MAN: Help me with my socks, my boots, my coat…

His son comes walking in…

SON: Yeah yeah… When dad calls, the son he starts running. [Read more…]

Death Is Riding

It is the close of the evening and the sky is turning dark.
We see the inside of a cabin. There’s an old man holding
a cup of water for his son to drink

OLD MAN: Yeah, drink the water, it will do you good.
Not too greedy now, just a little sip for your thirst.

The old man takes out a bottle from his pocket and takes some sips himself

OLD MAN: Can’t see a man drinking without getting thirsty myself.

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It’s Hard Being Horse

Cowboy and horse are on a dusty road. There are signs alongside the road. They just passed a sign saying 1910
and pass another sign saying 1900. The horse starts singing (yes, it’s a singing horse!) while passing these signs,
1890, 1880 etcetera, with funny shots of cowboy and horse.

Scene mainly follows the lyric of the song: eating and sleeping while standing up always, tied against a tree and looking at the moon sadly. They pass a sign that says 1870 and have to wait for the cavalry to pass.
The cavalry is a troop of all healthy and well-fed horses, big black proud stallions.
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