Superstar Zombies: Scene Three

Elvis Presley and John Lennon are
at the golf course playing golf

PRESLEY: Lennon, you dont have a talent for
playing golf, I can see that – boy. Let me show
you how it is done. First, keep you’re eye on the
price, that hole over there. Focus on it like a dog
would do
for it’s bone. Then, concentration boy.
It’s all about concentration, for your body to get ready.
And when you feel it’s ready from top to toes, then hit it!
With full confidence! The stick will do the
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Superstar Zombies: Scene Two

David Bowie and Freddie Mercury are expecting
the arrival – by boat – of Amy Winehouse

BOWIE: Ah look there she is now.
Poor girl, another one’s life cut short

FREDDIE: Fucking music business.
It’s a killer queen
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Floating In Space

Just music clip idea for now: Astronaut
floating in space, happy and as far as
possible in his spacesuit, dancing. Lots
of impressions of the universe around him.
Bigband musicians float by now and then
but they are not human, they are aliens…

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It’s Another Moon Above

The singer of very emotional and dramatic latin
songs is lying on the sofa at the shrink’s. He seems
to have psychological problems about the moon.
Let’s hope his shrink can help this poor man…

SHRINK: So… what it is your problem?

SINGER: I’m trying to fall out of love but
it only gets worse these feelings, it’s terrible

SHRINK: Would you describe it as torture already?

SINGER: Perhaps. Can’t sleep anymore,
no taste for nice food any more.
Must say though, drinks are great
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Dave & Terry Say BYE

Scene is just Dave & Terry having a chat – like neighbours do some times – while Dave’s house is on fire. It was meant as the last track of the Stories of the WEST song series.

Not much action in this scene only 2 people having a neighbour to neighbour conversation while the kitchen of Dave’s house is on fire in the background, and a dog chasing chickens.