It’s Another Moon Above

The singer of very emotional and dramatic latin
songs is lying on the sofa at the shrink’s. He seems
to have psychological problems about the moon.
Let’s hope his shrink can help this poor man…

SHRINK: So… what it is your problem?

SINGER: I’m trying to fall out of love but
it only gets worse these feelings, it’s terrible

SHRINK: Would you describe it as torture already?

SINGER: Perhaps. Can’t sleep anymore,
no taste for nice food any more.
Must say though, drinks are great

SHRINK: I see. Mostly it’s people going through too much
emotions when they are falling IN love. Strange you going
through these pains when trying to fall OUT of love

SINGER: Falling IN love was easy, only took a few glimps of
the eye

SHRINK: Love at first sight, euh

SINGER: Yeah, I’ve done a song about that too but
right now it’s
mostly the moon

SHRINK: What is wrong with the moon? Tell me

SINGER: When it is full moon it looks down on me angry,
he scares me

SHRINK: And when did this start?

SINGER: When my falling IN love didn’t work out like I
had wished for

SHRINK: Ah I see. Perhaps the moon doesn’t want you
to fall OUT of love?

SINGER: But that is impossible. I can’t be IN love and
not get my price

SHRINK: It’s a cruel world, yes I know. But it does inspire
great songs always, you as a professional singer should know that

SINGER: That I agree. Falling OUT of love is not something you
can sing straight from the heart. It will miss the emotion people
can tune in with. I can say that as a professional singer, yes

SHRINK: My advice as your shrink would be: just sing that song
about the angry moon over and over again

SINGER: And then the moon will hear, you mean. Like a prayer?

SHRINK: That could be. Sing it loud, day in day out, year in year
out. The moon above might hear yes, and then getting bored with it,
will leave you alone one day

SINGER: Let’s hope so. I can’t go up there and tell the moon
personally face to face…

SHRINK: I know, I know. Let’s end this session now. I will see
you next week again and we’ll see if singing the song has some
effect. And helps you falling OUT of love again.

The shrink let’s the singer out and we see the singer walking
the street singing his song, to the moon. And then we see him
singing the same song again, standing in front of the mirror
in the morning, at the window of his bedroom before going
to sleep, outside the supermarket after his shopping.

In short: it may well have taken him half his life to solve his
problem with the angry moon, thinking singing this song over
and over again, could turn the moon into a happy smiling face
again. Could also be he is still singing it these days. Poor man…

Nice song though. Hear it yourself.