When Don Quixote Met Shakespeare

A bar, 17th century Valencia, Spain. Guitar
playing and noises in the background.
William Shakespeare and Don Quixote
are having a beer at a table.

WS: And your name is?

DQ: Don. Don Quixote.

WS: I see. Beaten any windmills lately?

DQ: Well, it’s no longer these silly mills, you know: It’s Zilna,
with aspirations
for world donimanation, it’s the Alien Ruler
waiting in outer space for the right
moment to wipe out
mankind, it’s…

WS: Interesting. Any more wine? (poors wine) Yeah, these
cybergames and
virtual lives can really get to you. But here
we are, as real as real life can be.
Having a great little chat.

DQ: I wanna fight Zilna on level one and be supreme.

WS: As real as life, drinking wine, laughing…

DQ: Gotta teach those Aliens a lesson, they’re bastards.

WS: I can hit you right in you face and hurt you. I mean:
really really
really hurt you.

DQ: You wouldn’t do that. I’m Don, Don Quixote.

WS: You ain’t. You’re just some idiot pretending.

DQ: Says who?

WS: Shakespeare, William Shakespeare.

DQ: Ah yes, I see. Let’s drink our wines then and be
dead some more.

WS: Not yet. Look who’s coming our way!

DQ: Jesus, no! Hide your face!

It seems like the arrival of a new person somehow
disturbs these 2 writers. They think it is Jesus himself.
They hide their faces.

DQ: Is he gone already?

WS: No still there, there’s 12 people following him also.
Ordering their drinks now, it seems

DQ: Why are we hiding for him anyway?

WS: I don’t know, it’s what we writers do: thinking up
situations and see how it develops in our heads. But
I can’t think of anything to get us out of this situation now

DQ: I suggest you write a scene with them singing
to us, we writers

WS: That might work yes. At least we will have some
development for the play. Here it goes: I let this
Jesus step up and do some announcement about us,
2 famous writers being present also in this bar

DQ: And then he and his 12 people going to sing us
a song, you mean?

WS: Exactly! It’s a pity we didn’t know each other
while alive. We could have made nice writers team.
It was not always easy thinking up these plays

DQ:  Here they come, our song is coming up, mister

WS: Finally! Never thought we would find an
ending for this scene. But we did it again! Let’s toast!

DQ: Salute!

Jesus steps up and does his announcement how he
wants to celebrate the presence in this bar of 2 of
the most famous writers in history. Then he and
his 12 followers start singing the song. End of scene.

you will never be dead
when you do write
long after you're gone
your star still be bright

you will never be dead
because of your pen
so write down those stories
for as long as you can
remember your Shakespeare your Don Quixot they still are around and alive a whole lot