Dave & Terry Say YANG

Dave & Terry are lying in their hammocks. Lazy.
Nearby a gamelan orchestra is playing
gamelan music.

T: I’ve tried to understand these gamelans ever
since we came here, Dave. Cant make it logic.

D: You can’t make logic with nothing so lay
back in your hammock and enjoy your “sapi”

T: Did you know the name of this drink, this sapi,
comes from the dutch language?

D: No I didnt know that and don’t want to know
anyway. Save your explanation. I’m in a gamelan
mood now, far above anything you just googled
on your laptop

T: Great tool though must say. You don’t need
to remember anything, it’s always there to remind
you and give you endless knowledge

D: I can do without that knowledge. Done so all my
life already, no need to change that now