Floating In Space

Just music clip idea for now: Astronaut
floating in space, happy and as far as
possible in his spacesuit, dancing. Lots
of impressions of the universe around him.
Bigband musicians float by now and then
but they are not human, they are aliens…

Floating in space, with stars all around

No gravity to hold me down
Floating in space, no worries in sight
Just me and the stars, shining so bright

I dance through the galaxies, like in a trance
Just me and the universe, a cosmic romance
The Milky Way twinkles, a cosmic delight
Planets and moons, in my sight

Floating in space, no need for a ship
Just me and the stars, taking a trip
Untill the end the end of my days
I’m gonna be floating, floating in space

Song & Lyric: AI generated
Edits: Moonpub Music 2024