Short inspirations – mostly movie, audio or theatre ideas – I transferred from
desktop to online because somehow online works better developing these
ideas more (with audio, video, graphics etc.). And  who knows, may give
some entertainment to people visiting these pages too. Working on it…

The scenes all are part of a project I’ve called STORIES, a music project with
songs. I only managed to do 1 demo version of such a stories project (see
Stories of the WEST
) but many more of such similar projects (same style
and concept – funny songs only –  but different settings, like a theme park
with songs and funny stories) were planned many years ago already. Perhaps
these online pages will help to develop more of these “stories” from now on. 

See the categories of these pages what I mean. The Dave & Terry posts were
meant as
intro’s and outro’s to these stories. So now you know this, perhaps
the setup of these short
inspirations makes more sense…

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