Take Me With You

What’s In A Song? – Volume One on Spotify I consider this recording one of the best of this song archive. All homestudio work wasn’t wasted on this one and the song is defenitely one I wished I had more of. Is probably also a style that works well with me, there’s a few other […]

Stay Around (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 3 on Spotify This song was done with the map of the USA at hand. Needed to find out what route the singer would take leaving California riding around a bit and making (unanswered) phone calls to home and then finally decides to go back to California again. Got […]

Just Getting Old (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume One on Spotify I woke up this morning and got out of bed Another day older but nowhere near dead I ain’t as fast as I used to be But I’m still footloose and fancy free My mem’ry is failing, my mind it can roam But I ain’t quite […]