Songlist English

EXPLANATION: Mona and are no longer in business, above is just an old example of what I had in mind many years ago. That doesn’t mean the idea is gone. I have no plans with these songs myself so if you’re desperate as an artist for a tune to sing/play and you like what you hear on this pages, you could be playing that song at your next gig (in your own style, I just did the demos as I thought they were most fun to do when recording them, the first one to explore this new discovered song, you yourself are the one to decide if you wanna go there too, with your own ship/style, so to speak) – just saying…

 Number of songs (english language): 113 (November 2021)

8 Pounds 11 Ounces Country
About Time (I Did It Right) Rock/Pop
All Because Of You Country
A Sourdough’s Life Country
Baby Look Up Country
Black & White & Grey All Over Pop/Country
Blind Man’s Bluff Country
Boots & Beans Country/Novelty
Bridge To Brooklyn Pop/Country
Call Me Back Country/Ballad
Campfire Song Country/Novelty
Candy Store Is Closing Pop/R&B
Catch Those Chickens Bluegrass
Cest La Vie They Say Pop
Crashin’ Into Love Pop
Crazy Living In The House Country
Death Is Riding Country/Novelty
Devil Moon Rock/Novelty
Donkey Named Fred Novelty
Don’t Put Good Loving… Pop/Rock
Down In The Jungle Pop/Rock/R&B
Doralee (Stupid ‘Bout You) Country
Elaine Country/Folk
Eggs Are Eggs Pop
Everything You Bring Ballad/Pop/Rock
Follow The Heart Pop/Latin/Ballad
For The Company Pop/Rock
Free Picasso (In The Sky) Pop Ballad
From Here To Forever Latin
Gettin’ Tight With…. R&B/Blues
Google It Novelty
Got To Admit Rock/Pop
Gunpowder Gertie Novelty
Hot Words (Cold Kisses) Pop
How Are You Now (Stay) Ballad/Latin
How Sweet Will Be My Sleep Pop/Rock
Hula Hula Dancing Novelty
I Am Still Your Friend Country
I Am The Dreamer Ballad
If Ever A Time Pop/Country
If You Trust Me Pop
I Live In The Hope Jazz/Country
In The Corner Of My Mind R&B/Pop/Ballad
Is There A Love For Everyone? Pop/R&B
It’s Hard Being Horse Country/Novelty
Jozi (When Will You Wake Up?) Pop/Rock
Just Gettin’ Old Country
Kay Pop/Jazzy
Kiss In The Rain Latin
Loco Weed Pop/Country/Novelty
Love Faith & Dreams Country/Pop/Rock/Ballad
Make Love Your Anchor Pop
Make Me Feel Like… Pop
Makes Me Wonder Country
Missed You R&B
Musclebound Man Pop
Never Before Country
Never Too Late For Us Pop/R&B
Nothing’s The Same Country
No Words To Songs Rock/Pop
One Day Country/Folk
Origami Country/Folk
Out There Somewhere Pop
Pacific Seas Are Calling Me Pop
Perfection Latin
Pink Petticoat Country
Poor Man Down Pop
Pura Vida Latin
Rainbow Pop
Rather Have A Dumpling Country
See You Cry Country
See You Later Ballad
Sentimental Country, Pop
Serial Heart Killer Pop
She Drives A Car Country
She Won’t Say Yes Pop
She Told Me Pop/R&B/Ballad
Show The World Pop/Rock
Someone Feels Lonely (This Chrismas Again) Novelty
Stay Around Pop
Stones Throw From Rock Bottom Country
Stuck On An Island Reggea/Novelty
Take Me With You Pop/Latin/Country
Texican Standoff Country/Novelty
That Long Long Road Country
The Day She Left Country
The Last Horseman Country
The Moon And Me Pop/Latin
The Only Way Now Is Change Pop
The Real Thing Pop/Country
These Blues Pop/Blues
The Way For Me Pop/Latin
Too Much Booze Country
Turning The Keys Pop/Rock/Ballad
Turn To Me Pop/Ballad
Twinkle Of An Eye Pop/R&B
Untill The End Of Times Ballad
Up Where Rivers Run Country/Rock
Wagons Roll On Country/Novelty
WAIT Pop/Rock
Watch Out Nashville Country
We Make One Ballad/Country
When You’re Not There Pop
We Should Stick Together Ballad
When My Baby Shows Venus Ballad
Where Is My Head? Pop
Where’s Your Heart? Country
Wild Texas Rose  
Winds of the Valley Country
Won’t Burn My Oil Pop/Country
You Are My Compass Pop
You And Me And My Guitar Country/Jazz
You And Me Tonight Pop
You’re Sonophabitch Country/Novelty