Too Much Booze (EN)

      Too Much Booze - Wilson & Hoeve
I really ruffled feathers
When I hit your local bar
I stood up on the table
and shouted baby there you are!

There was a man you were with
Some sort of King Kong monster
And I suddenly saw why you always
liked that movie: Gorrillas in the Mist
But … that’s another story
for another song …”

 King Kong he stood there with you
And he looked not amused
I shouted: “please forgive me mister
But I’ve been drinking too much booze”

Too too much – Booze!
Too much booze


Alright then…
But don’t you make a habit of it
Or I’ll have to wipe the floor with you
and I don’t know when the quit”

Then he turned his back to buy some beers
Leaving you for me alone
I stepped down from that table top
and said: “baby can I take you home?”

You said: Come on, you know my answer
I’ve been saying it for many many years…”

Too too much – Booze!
Too much booze


Have to tell
Sometimes I do confess
I drink more than I really ought to
and I end up in a mess

In the hospital I woke up next day
Missing another tooth
I was begging the nurse for whiskey
and her cellphone number please…


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