I Am The Dreamer (EN)

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In spring we’ll awaken
With the season’s first bloom
And sweet scented blossoms
Will fill every roomIn summer we’ll dance
Under black velvet skies
The sparkle of stars
Shining deep in your eyes

I am the dreamer,
you are the dream
In parallel worlds,
we journey through time
Where everything’s known
but nothing is seen
You are the reason
and I am the rhyme

In autumn the bright leaves
Will slowly descend
When the soft western wind
Draws our dance to an end

In winter we’ll sleep
Under pale quilts of snow
And the beat of our hearts
Will be measured and slow

And the earth keeps on whirling
Like a dervish in space
I hear your faint whisper
Though I can’t see your face
And sometimes at night
I can hear the stars sing
Is it you? Is it You?

Updated: January 14, 2024 — 3:08 am