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Wagons Roll On (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 2 on Spotify  Wagons Roll On! is one of the nicest songtitles for Stories of the WEST but doesnt have a filmscene yet. But the song itself tells a story that gives impression enough to picture such a filmscene yourself. I edited a video to this story with […]

Campfire Song (EN)

Remember Dad’s campfire looking at those flames leaping and crackling I think I saw a demons face and a lonely wolf starts howling and brings shivers down my spine you cuddle close to daddy and everything seemes fine Campfires are real scary A campfire is where demons stay Campfires are for the weary A campfire […]

Santa Claus

I consider these pages to be about an archive of songdemos and not presentation of recordings. I already did these songdemos before the days of digital tools with a simple 4 track tapecorder and no help of a computer. As songdemos they can still be usefull, for better recording quality it needs complete updated recordings, […]