Pura Vida OK (EN)

      Pura Vida Ok - Johnny Hoeve
I one day heard about pura vida and how it is used in Costa Rica for saying both hello and goodbye which gave me the idea for this song. I have always liked to do recordings with some latin influences so it was again a fun recording.

Working with cowrites also learned me that whenever I want to do a lyric myself I better keep it simple and not try to be clever with the language because you never know how it translates to native speakers. So that’s why this song like a couple of other english language songs I did myself have this simple english. It might be an advice for all non-native english lyricwriters: just keep it safe and simple, or find a cowrite and at least have it checked.

That said: the pronunciation of english has always been a bit of a problem and has always given me away as a non-native singer. Sometimes the accent sounds fine and even interesting, other times it simply doesnt work, perhaps even not with a demo.

Pura Vida – How are you today?
Down Costa Rica all good people say
The sun is in the sky for another lovely day
Pura Vida Pura Vida Okay

When you go down there
By train on bus through air
You will soon find out
what this country is about
Ticos Ticas greeting you
in their special way

Pura Vida – ain’t life pure and nice?
Down Costa Rica it is said mostly twice
One time for hello
And another for goodbye
Pura Vida Pura Vida Ay Ay!

Pura Vida – always keep in mind
You’re so much more a-rica
With no worries on your mind
And if you cannot see that is true
You must be o so blind
Pura Vida Pura Vida be kind!

Updated: June 25, 2021 — 4:57 pm