Category: Instrumental

Instrumental: Miles Away

A lot of my instrumental recordings seem to come from tests and experiments say after installing new software or some new equipment… This recording as I can remember was also started as a test this time with a midifile which I run through several softwares and editings, changing pitch, changing temp etcetera, anything to see […]

Instrumental: Sax-A-GoGo

NOTE: I’ve been using this tune for some years now for the week after Christmas while waiting for the new year to start. Must say samples were used for this recording – it was a software test using samples – but it still had enough parts played myself to add it to the Moonpub Music […]

Zone 60

There’s a nice story about how I found the songtitle for this recording: I walked around for days what I should call this new recording. Got tired of it and then decided the first thing I would see would also be the title of this tune. So I was walking home and there it was […]

When I Think Of Trains

Example of music pieces I’ve called “Stockies” to be used as stock media for your videos, podcast, presentation etc. Nice background music perhaps for a video that features trains, travelling, holidays, tracks etc. Musically it wanted to give an impression of leaving by train and arriving in another city at another central station which may […]

Skylines (IN)

Most instrumentals with me are recorded as tests, trying out new software, a new instrument, etc. Or for the simple reason it doesnt seem right to give it a lyric. Skylines seemed a tune that was better off as an instrumental. This recording has a melody that is played with the guitar but also that […]

O Sole Mio (IN)

I once had the idea of a filmscript with this songtitle as it’s movie title. Every one knows ofcourse this italian classic. For this filmscript idea I had to find a new way to cover this classic so I started recording some ideas. One of those ideas is this one, a version of a band […]

Check It Out (IN)

This is an early days recording when I first started doing digital recordings (DAW) and was probably done to test guitar recordings for a newly bought soundcard. It later was added as an instrumental track for a series of my interpretation of country music and it’s electric guitar picking. A style I had never tried […]