Wagons Roll On (EN)

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Wagons Roll On! is one of the nicest songtitles for Stories of the WEST but doesnt have a filmscene yet. But the song itself tells a story that gives impression enough to picture such a filmscene yourself. I edited a video to this story with existing filmscenes to give an even better impression.

Also the recording I can be satisfied with, it must have been a quick recording also (Stories of the WEST took only two months from nothing to 12 songs done with equipment and software I didnt know how to use yet) but as it is worked out fine.

Sometimes you are very lucky with a recording for unknown reasons – vocals work nicely, arrangements no problem, guitar parts in 1 take etc. – and I consider me lucky with this song for sure.

Dust gathers high as the wagons roll by
The mist in the air it is everywhere
This train goes on four miles long
and I know that this will be a western song

Wagons roll on, roll on
and I know that this will be
a Western song

The heat and the sweat roll down my back
I can’t remember when I last hit the sack
I’m tired and dirty and I need a rest
if only for one hour that will do me the best

Wagons roll on!
And their tracks leave a trace
across this great big land
Wagons roll on, roll on!
and I know that this will be
a Western song

We need to keep on rolling
(in the name of…)
We need to keep on going
(in the name of…)
Wagons Roll On!!

Wagons Roll On!
and I know that this will be
a Western song

Updated: February 3, 2023 — 3:56 pm