Take Me With You

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I consider this recording one of the best of this song archive. All homestudio work wasn’t wasted on this one and the song is defenitely one I wished I had more of.

Is probably also a style that works well with me, there’s a few other recordings also medium style tempo and nice vocal performance, so could be it’s a style I should concentrate on more. If I was a performing artist myself it could be in this style.

Can’t remember actually what work it gave recording this songs, that could mean it was done fast say 2 days homestudio time and with no problems at all. Sometimes long & hard work gives bad results and terrible songs/recordings, sometimes an easy job produces a gem – love those songwriting surprises …


Baby here comes the sun don’t look surprised
Look up and see those heartshaped skies
And if this is heaven the lets keep love alive
I can see above the clouds…

Take me with you
Take me with you

I’m blowing purple crystals up against the silvery moon
And through my window pane
I can see the daffodils will blossom soon
You can help me cope with these feelings so new
Feel my heart beating out loud

Sometimes I admit I dont’know what to do
All I know is I want you to take me
Take me with you

Baby we can ride untill the break of dawn
and enjoy the late night kisses
while we’re laying in each others arms
From the cradle to the grave let’s keep love alive
Feel your heart beating out loud
See the moon above the clouds

Lyrics: Shirley E. Matthews
Music & Tracks: John Hoeve
Recording: Moonpub Music

Updated: April 5, 2024 — 7:12 pm