Makes Me Wonder (EN)

If I was rich
I would hire a flyer
that would take me
anywhere I choose
but will my heart be free?

But here I am
with a little of drinking
while thinking
what I’m a gonna do
about these blues
and when my final peace will be

And it makes me wonder
why I love so hard
I stand accused
I’m tired of playing
that lonely solo part of a recluse
I need someone to hold me
I need someone who really cares
and it makes me wonder why?
There is thunder in my heart

If I was king
I would rule like and do like
I’m the one
who was gonna save the world
like in fairly tales

But here I cry
with no kissing
and missing
the one I used to call
my baby girl
who went gone away of late

It makes me wonder…


Updated: February 5, 2023 — 2:24 am