Category: Ballad

I Am The Dreamer (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume One on Spotify In spring we’ll awaken With the season’s first bloom And sweet scented blossoms Will fill every roomIn summer we’ll dance Under black velvet skies The sparkle of stars Shining deep in your eyes I am the dreamer, you are the dream In parallel worlds, we journey […]

How Are You Now? (EN)

Song by Roberto Carlos English lyric: John Hoeve | Moonpub Music 2006 Version Portuguese: Daniela Mercury How are you now? Though much has changed since our days together We both felt it was for the better Didnt like myself or you no more How are you now? It may be strange but it feels stronger […]

She Told Me (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 3 on Spotify I don’t know why love has to hurt so much Sometimes memories just wont leaveI I know you were not cheating on me Guess that when you love someone the heart can deceive Maybe I should have loved just a bit more tenderly Now all I […]