These are short tunes mostly that can be used for videos, podcasts, presentations etc. I decided to call them “stockies” (stock music) and, in my case, you can buy them for use in your own projects at POND5.

I will also keep stock here of “stockies” which for whatever reason I find not suitable as an audio item on Pond5 but may still be usefull now and then. You can download these for free (MP3 320 Kbps). See below.

Furthermore you may check the Videos of these “stockies” as I am also using them for my own projects online other than the music writing. Sample list below.

Stocky Title | Buy



A Day At Sea confident, lively – electric guitar, saxophone YES
Charlie’s Dance melancholy, jazzy, bigband – violin YES
Mark Knopf Was Here bright, calm – electric guitar – sailing YES
Slapstick Boogie slapstick, fun, comedy, playfull YES
Sounds Like Water calm, nature, soothing, water ——-
Sweet Walking market, street, background, travel YES
When I Think Of Trains journeying, travel, trains YES
Zone 60 bluesy, rock – electric guitar ——-
Warming up jazzy, combo, melody ——-
Totally Unplugged folk, room atmosphere, violin, acoustic ——-
Trumpet At Midnight jazzy, trumpet solo, waltz, slow ——-
Mexican Sunset latin, trumpets, flute, mariachi ——-

ROYALTY FREE MUSIC: You are free to download and use these recordings below for your own projects BUT I would appreciate it when you will let me know and, better even, add “Music: Moonpub Music, The Netherlands” to it. Copyrights stay with Moonpub Music ofcourse. Visit Moonpub at Pond5 for more.