Just Getting Old (EN)

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I woke up this morning and got out of bed
Another day older but nowhere near dead
I ain’t as fast as I used to be
But I’m still footloose and fancy free

My mem’ry is failing, my mind it can roam
But I ain’t quite yet ready for the nursing home

I’ve got twinges in my hinges
And aches in my bones
There’s a pain in my shoulder
That won’t leave me alone

My feet’s gettin’ tender
My hair’s gettin’ thin
God have mercy
On the shape I’m in

I ain’t callin’ it quits
I ain’t gettin’ cold
I ain’t givin’ up
I’m just gettin’ old

Traded in my boots for some sensible shoes
The years keep stacking up
and I’m paying my dues
I still can dance ’til the light of day
Get me my cane and point out the way

Can’t move as fast as I used to do
But I can still keep up with the likes of you

I’ve got twinges in my hinges
And aches in my bones Etc.

I ain’t gettin’ lucky
I ain’t strikin’ gold
All that I’m doing
Is gettin’ more old

I’m not over the hill
I’m not past my prime
I’m just pickin’ up speed
And takin’ my time

And it’s only gettin’ harder
To do what I’m told
I guess it’s just a part
Of just gettin’ old…

Updated: February 5, 2023 — 2:17 am