That Long Long Road (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 3 on Spotify

I thought it nice to do this country song with a little bit of a native indian feel to it which might give it something special perhaps. Just listen to it for yourself and hear if that is done okay.

When a lover says goodbye
You walk alone
Left out in that cold cold night
on that long long roadNowhere for you to go at all
Nowhere to turn
As you blindly keep on stumblin’ down
that long long road

And all that you have is heartache
And all that you feel is pain
No one to guide or lead you
You’re on your own in the rain

When you’re love has gone oh my
You’re on your own again
As you slowly travel down down down
that long long road


Updated: February 5, 2023 — 1:26 am