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Symphonetta Nbr. 7

This recording and video still doesnt have a proper title yet because I still havent found a title that could fit this little classical tune and video. So I finally decided to make it Symphony Nbr. 7 despite it’s short length – it’s only 1:30 minutes It was a quick recording just meant as a […]

Symphonetta Nbr. 15

Already did some work on Symphonetta Nbr. 15. As you may hear the recording wants to be a brass band but will take more edits to make it sound like that somewhat acceptable. But again, as an example  of whatis to come it will do.    See list of SYMPHONETTA’S to find out what these […]

Symphonetta Nbr. 11

Not really a classical piece but could be great hearing it played by an orchestra so I decided to label it a Symphonetta anyway. Recording may also do as a demo except for some more arrangements added to it when this piece is scheduled for more recordings.    See list of SYMPHONETTA’S to find out […]

Symphonetta Nbr. 10

Still needs a finished recording but the idea is worked on already, although recording is nearly no longer acceptable and must only listened to as first idea impression (old recording, even from before digital homestudio, can recognize old synthesizer and tape hiss old portable recorder, low MP3 quality). Symphonetta Nbr. 10 is a popular song […]