Death Is Riding (EN)

also has a video script at Stories of the WEST…

On a hot and sunny day where the children play
the little of Sunny Hill suddenly felt a cold cold chill

Death is riding Death is riding
Death is riding to town

Death is riding to town
and all the kiddies frown
all run and hide
because death is coming
on time…

And the day turned to night
and the clouds began to play
And the heat turned to cold
and the sand turned to snow

Death is almost here,
all people in their graves all cheer
Riding his dark black horse
with his syte drawn

All children run in fear
They know now that
Death is here
All run and hide ’cause
Death is coming
Death is coming in big strides

SPOKEN: Death strolls into town.
His black horse is casting deep shadows.
The sheriff calls him down
and Death looks him over,
and then looks him over again
and belows: “You want to call ME out?”

“Yeah I’m calling YOU out!”
“You can never win this fight, sheriff!”
“Well, it is MY town!”

And Death is fighting the sheriff,
and Death may win.
And the sheriff is fighting Death,
and guess what? The sheriff might win…

With a lightning flash the six shooters are drawn
and bullets fly like birds on a wing
making their way to their destination…

And Death is death…

Death, he picked to wrong day to come to the town of Sunny Hill…
Because the sheriff’s last name was… Life.
And Death now owns a nameless grave on top of Boot Hill
and the people of Sunny Hill lived happy ever after…

Updated: July 17, 2021 — 8:26 pm