The Way For Me (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 2 on Spotify I can still remember doing the homestudio recording of this song because something magical happened. It was a hot summers day, must have been a saturday because I used to spent saturday’s the whole day recording in those days, not much time to do that during […]

I Am The Dreamer (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume One on Spotify In spring we’ll awaken With the season’s first bloom And sweet scented blossoms Will fill every roomIn summer we’ll dance Under black velvet skies The sparkle of stars Shining deep in your eyes I am the dreamer, you are the dream In parallel worlds, we journey […]

That Long Long Road (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 3 on Spotify I thought it nice to do this country song with a little bit of a native indian feel to it which might give it something special perhaps. Just listen to it for yourself and hear if that is done okay. When a lover says goodbye You […]

Sol Nenita (SP)

SOL NENITA is now also on Spotify, Itunes and all those other music sites! What’s In A Song? – Volume One on Spotify  One day at work while outside smoking a cigarette with a collegea of mine from Puorto Rico he pointed at the sun and said: look Sol Nenita (the sun in springtime […]