Wagons Roll On (EN)

What’s In A Song? – Volume 2 on Spotify  Wagons Roll On! is one of the nicest songtitles for Stories of the WEST but doesnt have a filmscene yet. But the song itself tells a story that gives impression enough to picture such a filmscene yourself. I edited a video to this story with […]

Baby Look Up (EN)

She asked if I felt lonely sitting on my own I told her I got no one waiting for me at home she said now don’t your worry I know just what it takes Everything is gonna be alright Better be for heaven’s sake Baby look up, dont look down So much to see when […]


Sometimes I sit and wonder How many stars are in the sky Sometimes I sit and wonder Till the beauty makes me cry Sometimes I’ll try and figure out How some people live with lies But when it comes down to why you love me You got me wonderin’all the time Pauline — Your the […]

Campfire Song (EN)

Remember Dad’s campfire looking at those flames leaping and crackling I think I saw a demons face and a lonely wolf starts howling and brings shivers down my spine you cuddle close to daddy and everything seemes fine Campfires are real scary A campfire is where demons stay Campfires are for the weary A campfire […]