Early Years Recording | English

I consider these pages to be about an archive of songdemos and not presentation of recordings. I already did these songdemos before the days of digital tools with a simple 4 track taperecorder and some help from a computer (MIDI sequencing first with Atari and later with DOS/PC late 80s). As songdemos they can still be usefull, for better recording quality it needs complete updated recordings, which will simply take too much time that can better be spent on new songs.

The style and melodies and arrangements can still be recognised even with these early year recordings, so I decided to put up some of those also, those songtitles that don’t deserve to go into oblivion and never be heard of again. All tracks recorded 1980/90s on Portable Tascam 4track before digital PC recordings started around 2005. 

There was a pauze in recordings say from 1995 untill 2005 – with a short in between period of recordings done with the Yamaha portable – when I restarted the music again, this time with digital recording equipment & software (homestudio), no more live performances (bands) and cowriters for the english lyrics. These early years recordings are all before 2005, for the english lyrics only. There’s a similar playlist for the dutch “early songs” – being worked on right now – but you can already take a listen for this dutch language material how it was done many decades ago.

Click on the button at the right of the songtitle for lyric & info (I will update all of these songtitles soon with their lyrics & info)

Updated: February 17, 2024 — 3:54 pm