Break Away

      Break Away - Band Claudette (1970s) - Early Years Recording

I consider these pages to be about songdemos and not presentation of recordings. I already did these songdemos before the days of digital tools with a simple 4 track tapecorder and no help of a computer. As songdemos they can still be usefull, for better recording quality it needs complete updated recordings, which will simply take too much time that can better be spent on new songs.

The style and melodies and arrangements can still be recognised even with these early year recordings, so I decided to put up some of those also, those songtitles that don’t deserve to go into oblivion and never be heard of again. Here’s BREAK AWAY – recorded rehearsel room late 1970s.


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BREAK AWAY _____________________
Song by Johnny Hoeve
Musicians: Band “Claudette”
Recording: Tascam 244 Porta
Moonpub Music, The Netherlands

Updated: June 22, 2023 — 3:22 am