The Moment Late At Night (EN)

SAMBA PA TI: All people on this globe know this melody.

Story Behind the Song: The idea to do a lyric on the instrumental Samba Pa Ti was there for some time already. I came across a spanish lyrical version by Jose Feliciano but that lyric was not right for an english translation. I then did this original english lyric myself. Meanwhile I found out the problems that could arise pitching this title. No matter how nice the lyric, the owners of Samba Pa Ti (Sony/BMG) may not allow any lyrical version of this instrumental. Which could mean that this lyrical version simply cannot be done by any artist. That would make it unpitchable… Might be interesting to try though…

Here’s to wishes for tomorrow
Here’s to closing of today
Let no more thoughts be wasted
On what’s been done and may
It shine when morning comes

All that matters now is you – near me
All that matters now is the moment late at night

Here’s to dreaming while we’re sleeping
All the strange things you will see
What’s locked up there inside you
Will always find a way to go free

All that matters now is you and me together
All that matters now is the moment late at night

Let the darkness take over
So no one can see
So much I love you
So much I’ve missed
this moment…

Updated: July 6, 2021 — 12:47 am