Zo Ver Weg

Spent some time during 2008 picking up old material from the 1980s en 1990s. This was one of them but have to admit I’m not so satisfied with the recordings during that time so perhaps was not so inspired in re-doing these tunes.

That doesn’t mean you can still get the idea what the song is about. I hardly never judge a song when I hear it first by it’s recording – o yes I do welcome a nice recording but I won’t let it deceive my judgement for the song.

It’s always the songtitle first, then the story and after that the music, mostly the chords first, the build up, arrangments etc. oh and the bridge ofcourse. And as a matter of fact don’t care much how it is recorded while checking my first hearing of the song.

Recordings can always be redone with more passion, better equipment, better musicians etc. But the raw material – the song itself – should already be there.

This song was re-recorded 2 times now, don’t know if I gonna record it again. The song itself seems finished.


zij is zo ver weg
toch heel dichtbij
‘s nachts als ik denk aan haar
ze is in mijn dromen
onder de dekens
zij roept….

zij is overal
haar sfeer rijst mee
waar ik ook ga of sta
haar schaduw is hier
altijd naast mij
zij roept…

wij allebei lopen in dezelfde richting
koersen naar dezelfde haven

Johnny Hoeve

Updated: July 6, 2021 — 2:09 am