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Act One

Induction: Open your ears

1.1 What news, Lord Bardolph? every minute now…

1.2 Sirrah, you giant, what says the doctor to my water?

1.3 Thus have you heard our cause  and known our means;

Act Two

2.1 Master Fang, have you entered the action?

2.2 Before God, I am exceeding weary.

2.3 I pray thee, loving wife, and gentle daughter,

2.4 I’ faith, sweetheart, methinks now you are in an excellent good temperality:

Act Three

3.1 How many thousand of my poorest subjects

3.2 Come on, come on, come on, sir;

Act Four

4.1 My friends and brethren, I must acquaint you…

4.2 You are well encounter’d here, my cousin Mowbray:

4.3 What’s your name, sir?

4.4 Now, lords, if God doth give successful

4.5 Let there be no noise made, my gentle friends;

Act Five

5. 1 By cock and pie, sir, you shall not away to-night.

5.2  How doth the king? Exceeding well;

5.3 Nay, you shall see my orchard, where, in an arbour,

5.4 No, thou arrant knave;

5.5 Stand here by me, Master Robert Shallow;

Epilogue: First my fear; then my courtesy; last my speech.


Playlist Henry IV Part Two | Dramatis Personea | Playhouse Page

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