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Act One

1.1 Nay, but this dotage of our general’s O’erflows the measure:

1.2 Lord Alexas, sweet Alexas, most any thing Alexas,

1.3 Where is he? I did not see him since.

1.4 You may see, Lepidus, and henceforth know,

1.5 Charmian! Madam? Ha, ha! Give me to drink mandragora.

Act Two

2.1 If the great gods be just, they shall assist

2.2 Good Enobarbus, ’tis a worthy deed,

2.3 The world and my great office will sometimes Divide me …

2.4 Trouble yourselves no further: pray you, hasten

2.5 Give me some music; music, moody food

2.6 To you all three, The senators alone of this great world

2.7 Thus do they, sir: they take the flow o’ the Nile

Act Three

3.1 Now, darting Parthia, art thou struck;

3.2 You take from me a great part of myself;

3.3 Where is the fellow? Half afeard to come.

3.4 Nay, nay, Octavia, not only that,–

3.5 How now, friend Eros! There’s strange news come, sir.

3.6 Contemning Rome, he has done all this, and more,

3.7 I will be even with thee, doubt it not.

3.8 Strike not by land;  keep whole: provoke not battle,

3.9 Set we our squadrons on yond side o’ the hill,

3.10 Naught, naught all, naught! I can behold no longer:

3.11 Hark! the land bids me tread no more upon’t;

3.12 Let him appear that’s come from Antony.

3.13 What shall we do, Enobarbus? Think, and die.

Act Four

4.1 He calls me boy; and chides, as he had power

4.2 He will not fight with me, Domitius.

4.3 Brother, good night: to-morrow is the day.

4.4 Eros! mine armour, Eros! Sleep a little

4.5 The gods make this a happy day to Antony!

4.6 Go forth, Agrippa, and begin the fight:

4.7 Retire, we have engaged ourselves too far:

4.8 We have beat him to his camp: run one before,

4.9 O, bear me witness, night,– What man is this?

4.10 Their preparation is to-day by sea;

4.11 But being charged, we will be still by land,

4.12 This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me:

4.13 Help me, my women! O, he is more mad

4.14 Eros, thou yet behold’st me? Ay, noble lord.

4.15 O Charmian, I will never go from hence.

Act Five

5.1 Go to him, Dolabella, bid him yield;

5.2 My desolation does begin to make a better life.


Playlist Anthony & Cleopatra | Dramatis Personea | Playhouse Page

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