Moonpub Spotify

Moonpub Music is with 3 albums and 1 single on Spotify. They are collection albums of songdemos that sounded acceptable enough to go these online streaming shops. They were all recorded since 2005 when my homestudio started and I had an interesting time collaborating online with cowriters from around the globe through email.

The songwriting and collaborations with these cowriters stopped a few years ago and I continued with mostly instrumental music for projects or just Youtube clips for fun. But could be I may pick it up again this songwriting one of these days, if not with cowrites then with my own lyricwriting in dutch language.

What’s In A Song? is my question always when I listen to songs and when I write them myself. There’s a special mystery with writing songs and each songtitle & recording finished always feels special, even many many years later. They are a bit like personal monuments, statues, or – like every songwriter will tell you, like your children. Anyway, let’s hope they can please your ears to – thanks for listening!

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