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Act One

1.1 As by your high imperial majesty

1.2 Why droops my lord, like over-ripen’d corn,

1.3 My masters, let’s stand close:

1.4 Come, my masters; the duchess, I tell you,

Act Two

2.1 Believe me, lords, for flying at the brook,

2.2 Now, my good Lords of Salisbury and Warwick,

2.3 Stand forth, Dame Eleanor Cobham, Gloucester’s wife:

2.4 Thus sometimes hath the brightest day a cloud;

Act Three

3.1 I muse my Lord of Gloucester is not come:

3.2 Run to my Lord of Suffolk; let him know

3.3 How fares my lord? speak, Beaufort, to thy sovereign.

Act Four

4.1 The gaudy, blabbing and remorseful day

4.2 Come, and get thee a sword, though made of a lath; 

4.3 Where’s Dick, the butcher of Ashford?

4.4 Oft have I heard that grief softens the mind,

4.5 How now! is Jack Cade slain?

4.6 Now is Mortimer lord of this city.

4.7 So, sirs: now go some and pull down the Savoy;

4.8 Up Fish Street! down Saint Magnus’ Corner! Kill

4.9 Was ever king that joy’d an earthly throne,

4.10 Fie on ambition! fie on myself, that have a sword,

Act Five

5.1 From Ireland thus comes York to claim his right,

5.2 Clifford of Cumberland, ’tis Warwick calls:

5.3 Of Salisbury, who can report of him,


Playlist Henry VI Part 2 | Dramatis Personea | Playhouse Page

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