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Act One

1.1 You do not meet a man but frowns: our bloods

1.2 If my shirt were bloody, then to shift it.

1.3 I would thou grew’st unto the shores o’ the haven,

1.4 Believe it, sir, I have seen him in Britain:

1.5 Now, master doctor, have you brought those drugs?

1.6 A father cruel, and a step-dame false;

Act Two

2.1 A pox on’t! I had rather not be so noble as I am;

2.2 Who’s there? my woman Helen?

2.3 It’s almost morning, is’t not? Day, my lord.

2.4 Fear it not, sir: I would I were so sure…

2.5 Is there no way for men to be but women…

Act Three

3.1 Now say, what would Augustus Caesar with us?

3.2 How? of adultery? Wherefore write you not

3.3 A goodly day not to keep house,

3.4 What is in thy mind, That makes thee stare thus?

3.5 Thus far; and so farewell. Thanks, royal sir.

3.6 Stay; come not in.

3.7 This is the tenor of the emperor’s writ:

Act Four

4.1 How fit his garments serve me!

4.2 You are not well: remain here in the cave;

4.3 Again; and bring me word how ’tis with her.

4.4 The noise is round about us.

Act Five

5.1 Yea, bloody cloth, I’ll keep thee, for I wish’d

5.2 The heaviness and guilt within my bosom…

5.3 Camest thou from where they made the stand?

5.4 You shall not now be stol’n, you have locks upon you.

5.5 Stand by my side,  you whom the gods have made


Playlist Cymbeline | Dramatis Personea | Playhouse Page

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